Game Informations

In the year, 20XX, everything was going good for the people of Neo-Tokyo.
Many were content with their daily tasks and the economy was decent for once.
However, with the recent rising tensions between Neo-Tokyo and splinter cells of the “Phantom Statues” terrorist organization,
it quickly became apparent that the facade would be broken.
It was summer break for you and your colleagues, many would go to parties and actually have fun, but no such luck for you.
You were forced to look for an internship, or a job, during the break to “ease your way into adulthood” whatever your dad meant by that.
So here you are, a crummy office internship which you probably weren’t going to be paid for anyhow, just trying to make ends meet.
That is, until a sudden crack and shake of the building startles you and everyone else in the building.
Some assumed it was just an earthquake, while others completely panic.
You weren’t sure what to make of it, until your eyes laid upon something.
Or someone. From the elevators, a piercing scream with the rush of four, maybe five individuals came sprinting out.
They managed to get a hold of the workers there, but you ran and soon found yourself trapped.
You didn’t know what just saw. Were they drunk? Crazy?
Or had something happened to them?
To be honest, you didn’t care.
Right now, you have to survive. And possibly see what caused all of this in the first place.​