Game Informations

You’re an accountant in a little suburban city, responsible for keeping things running smoothly and ensuring that the numbers are properly managed in the small firm you work at. However, there’s one area of your life which you always kept as a secret – namely, your kink for wife sharing. One day you found a forum about sharing wives. You click around the site, finding countless threads filled with nude or provocative photos of women uploaded by their husbands .As you look over the site, you feel a rising excitement within you. Filled with excitement and anxiety you upload some explicit photos of your wife to the forum. But then, You get a message from one of the users on the forum, telling you that he could help you fulfill your kink . You’re excitement builds up again, but there’s also a bit of fear and suspicion too, wondering what this user means by helping you. As your wife phases in and out of accepting your hidden side , It brings new challenges and dilemmas to navigate in your time tested marriage.​