Game Informations

You want to have sex with every woman you meet?
That doesn’t have to be a dream!

In this game you go on an erotic sex dating trip!
In the beginning you meet your new girlfriend for a casual date, but soon it turns into a hot sex date.
After that, when you’ve really got a taste for it, you can find another girlfriend to sex date right away!
You can also seduce three other women for sex.
In the city there are numerous opportunities to spend the money you have earned during the game.
For example, you can spend it on your favourite prostitute or on extras for dating.
You also have the full-fledged mini-game “ZombieKiller”. With it you can not only get trophies,
but also earn money that you can use in the main game.
Go from sex noob to sex god! You can only do that in this game!​