Game Informations

Princess Charlotte of the kingdom is on a routine visit to a fort on the front-lines of a war against monsters. However, during her welcome party, a horde of demons stormed the fort. The fort falls and the princess is captured.
The princess was captured and strapped to a horse shaped sexual training device. She is being trained to serve the Devil. She is guarded by and taken care of by intelligent servants of the Devil,however if she takes a step outside of her cell and i caught she will be at the mercy of various traps or even the simple minded goblins and humiliated. If she stays however eventually she will succumb to the demons training and become a cumslut for the devil.All hope seemed lost, but the princess tried to endure as long as she could. One day there was a great deal of noise outside and the demons guarding her disappeared. Apparently the Royal Army had retaken the fort. “This is my only chance.” The princess aid as she tried to escape captivity with a heavy iron ball attached to her leg.​