Game Informations

This world is filled with Nightfallen, monsters driven by lust and magic, that must be dealt with by Hunters,
through whichever means necessary.

Having been scouted by a prestigious academy for Hunters, you embark on your new life,
little did you know, your abilities and looks would catch the eye of a lot of people here, for better or worse.
You’ll meet a wide cast of characters with 4 main paths, each with their own quirks and personalities,
choose your path and get them to love you!

This year, it’s just your luck, because the new headmaster is implementing a new start of the year test,
to filter out the weak and leave the strong, who knows why?
Maybe you’ll find out.
If you do not manage to pass the test, then you can say goodbye to your love interests,
all that while trying to figure out the secrets of the academy and your new ‘imaginary’ friend.​