Game Informations

Stalked, loved, abducted. it’s only a matter of time before he gets you and he WILL get you, or else another will. The question is, will you escape? Or submit?

Jump into the kinky world of Love lock where someone’s lurking around every corner. This horror erotic story features around fetishes and elements of BDSM. Play as yourself while you do your best to navigate your way through these difficult situations and see if you can manage to survive.

The only game that is available here currently is a demo but there is beta testing available to Patreons.
The features mentioned below are referring to the final product, the demo is just a sample of that product and won’t have everything listed above.

This game has both heterosexual as well as homosexual content, you can choose who you play as but you can’t change the characters around you.

This game is a dark fantasy, if you are not comfortable with any of the content in this game then please do not play it. If you are triggered by this content then please do not play it. This game is designed to thrill not harm people.​