Game Informations

Living a relatively peaceful college student life with your family, nothing too out of the ordinary. Nothing, until following your parents’ divorce the year prior, you and your Sisters began noticing Mom being around at home less and less often; and, to your distaste, spending more and more time with her recent boyfriend, a decidedly dodgy man with nothing but an air of trouble around him.

Unable to comprehend how such a kind hearted woman ended up with a guy like him, you and your Sisters decide to investigate and look into what’s going on, progressively unveiling the truth behind this man and the experimental pharmaceutics company he operates with.

Will you manage to deconvert Mom, bringing her back home? Or will the opportunities of control and temptations of power call to you? Will you choose to continue a comfortable student life along with your Sisters and friends? Or will you drag them along with you and your ambitions?

Which life will you choose? It’s only up to you.​