Game Informations

Crossroads is a NSFW visual novel / dating sim crossover. The MC returns to the village of his youth seven years after a disaster that caused the death of his parents and loss of the family fortune. Now he has to deal with the ghosts of his past, and confront four women who have different views on and relationships with him:
Evelyn: the new proprietor of the family mansion. She clearly likes to dominate the MC, but can this relationship also evolve into something else?
Emma: previously the MC’s lover, but estranged by his sudden departure. Can the MC make amends, and does he want to?
Olivia: the MC’s stepsister, very much attached to his late parents. While she relishes her sisterly love for the MC, maybe something more might blossom?
Ava: a strange girl who seems very much attracted to Olivia, and ambivalent to the MC. You don’t want to make her an enemy …