Game Informations

Jake’s life is turned upside down when his adoptive father Nate, the owner of the largest tech and arms corporation in the country, is pronounced dead following the horrific crash of his private jet. Despite having a whole family, Nate has left his entire fortune to Jake much to the anger of his wife Martha.

With this much power and influence at his fingertips Jake quickly realises the influence he can now have over others. First he must secure his place at the top of Nate’s family but from there the possibilities for him are endless.

Will Jake realise his newfound goal of making the best of the legacy Nate has left him? Will he become the powerful man his mentor always wanted him to be? Will he become the owner not just his families fortune, but the entire city?

Take nates place at the top of the family. Own the school. Own the districts government. (Not to mention all the MILF’s that work there) Dominate and prosper!​