Game Informations

-Even small things, like “making someone happy”,
or “being able to support someone”, are what makes being an astrologer worthwhile.
The Astrologer “Izumi Mizushiro”, who lives with her younger sister,
“Towa”, divines her clients in a corner of the coffee shop “Rino” runs.
The clients Izumi divines leave their seat with a smile and seeing them smile makes Izumi feel happy and rewarded.
However, unusual things begin to happen around Izumi.
Due to an overwhelming increase in requests for her Divination,
and the methods or reputation etc., she starts encountering trouble.
Then, while Izumi is looking for the cause of her problems, she is visited by a girl named “Maki”.
Triggered by that, a series of unexpected events happen, and their peaceful daily life takes a turn.
Towards the future foretold by stars and the maiden.