Game Informations

Ren (Changeable Name), who is 19, has become the best samurai in the world and earned the title “Merciless King”—fearing that he is too powerful, the 7 top sects team up to put an end to him.

After fighting them all to the death, in his final moments, he wishes for a harem in his next life which he never got to experience. God heard his last wishes and decided to grant them.

He then wakes up in a new world with a strange ring on his finger and a cute little fairy who only wants to sleep on top of his head all the time. Did I also mention that she knows of his past life as a samurai?

Join Ren on his adventure in the new world with sexy Vtubers and various other anime series too! A whole harem and galaxy are now in his hands as he becomes the next god!