Game Informations

What is Virt-U-Mate?
Virt-U-Mate is a cutting edge adult entertainment puppeteering simulator and porn film creation sandbox. The aim of this project was to make realistic characters using a combination of realistic procedural joint control, soft body physics, realistic physics based hair, advanced cloth simulation, body-accurate collisions, and advanced rendering techniques.

The characters can react to your movements or objects you control within the photo studio environment that they inhabit. Virt-U-Mate is meant as a creative tool for making adult content for personal satisfaction as well as creating virtual porn videos that you can share online or create new and interactive stories. Virt-U-Mate includes a desktop mode for making it easier to pose your characters and make unique content where you play the role of the adult video director.

Players have the ability to choose between hundreds of casting options. Various aspects of each character are fully editable with the character creation tool, including body and hairstyle attributes, detailed face control, and stylish dynamic clothing. In each situation, players will be treated to a erotic show complete with jiggling softbody physics and constantly evolving reactions and talking lines that further enhance the one of a kind virtual porn shoot.​