Game Informations

Harumi is a straight girl who lives in a world full of lesbians where she feels completely out of place.
Her only consolation in her lonely world is Yuri, her internet boyfriend.
However, she is going to start university and has not yet been able to see him.
However, what she doesn’t know is that her “online boyfriend” is actually a lesbian girl named Yuriko who,
because of her masculine attitude, her bad company and her bad situation at her house,
she feels down and out of place in the world. For her, the only comfort from her is Harumi.
But she knows that her love can never be more than platonic. That is why she always refuses to organize a meeting with her.

Finally, what neither of them knows is that, in fact, they may meet much sooner than they imagine.
When that happens, what will their relationship be like?
Will Yuriko be able to keep up her lies?
And what would happen if Harumi discovered them?​