Game Informations

Under Pretense of Death is a visual novel with hidden object and quest gameplay elements.
Welcome to a fantasy world! A world in which magic is as powerful as ever and technology is already able to feed the starving cities of humanity. Where on a far-off island, the Faerie and Elven aristocracy rule, and people live alongside Orcs, Trolls and Gnomes.
A half-blood elf girl, Solis, travels to the Fairy Kingdom to fulfill the last wishes of her dead friend. This event marks the beginning of a chain of mysterious events in which Solis will need to find her place in this city, make new friends and perhaps even meet the love of her life?
Solis is not a warrior. Armed only with her wits and her charm, she weaponizes these as best she can. Regardless, you would do well to be careful around her!
Find items, explore locations, learn new information from characters and make the choices that you think are right!​