Game Informations

When the protagonist discovers he can enter other people’s bodies,
he experiences first-hand the pleasure of being a woman. It’s been his secret wish.
Once he gets started, there’s no stopping the body hopping!

From classmate to teacher, nurse and waitress, childhood friend to girl next door,
to even total stranger and the idol he adores
… where does it end for this horny boy who can hijack anyone!?

This RPG has “courage” status only, no battles or leveling up required.
26 base CGs, approx 35 event scenes.
CGs are accessible from replay room as you unlock them.
Classic features like message skip, dash, volume controls, etc.

Various situations such as public exposure, public sex, peeing, breast sex, masturbation,
oneshota play, prostitute play, group sex with thugs and homeless, etc.