Game Informations

A medium length NSFW possession based CYOA with limited choices. I made it both as a challenge to myself to see if I could make a game in a month (I can’t) and to teach myself Sugarcube.

You play as a down on his luck college dude who isn’t doing well in classes. The one bright spot is that he has three good looking neighbors. One day he receives a stone of possession and it seems natural enough to try it on his neighbors. Can he resist the allure of the stone, and the changes it causes in him?

Heads up, while the game is as light hearted as I could make it, non-consensual possession is not for everyone. The game also features an optional male to female transformation. Finally the game is heavy on NSFW content.

Drawn art was made by Koops (, 3d art was made in Koikatsu.​