Game Informations

A seaside town Zeven enjoys its prosperity as the hub of maritime traffics.
There is a dungeon called “Sea God’s Shrine” in which savage monsters reside.
To conquer the She God’s Shrine for various reasons, a Princess Knight Leticia
steps foot in Zeven incognito, in the guise of an adventurer.
…… However, it turns out that the land-specific climates have made Zeven
filled only with male inhabitants all desperately lusting for women!!
Placed here as the only woman, Leticia is now an object of all men’s
robust sexual desires! Organizational sexual harassment! Various
lewd acts demanded in return to equipment and accommodation!
Will Leticia’s chastity be kept untainted when she conquers the She God’s Shrine!?- Genre: ‘Falling Preg’ Hack & Slash-ish Dungeon RPG
– CG Count: 40~ base
– H Scene Count: 100~
– Basic Functions: Scene Reminiscence, Message Skip, Back Log, Window Obscuring,
BGM Adjustment, High-Speed Battle, Selectable Difficulty Level etc.
Employs most functions typical in HRPGs.

* Situations ****
Contains loads of facilities and situations typical in HRPGs.
– Weapon Shop
Due to some private issue, the retailer does not sell things to Leticia.
He requests her to strip off right there before he sells what she wants……

– Bar
Leticia dances on a stage in order to earn money for her exploration.
But audience’s requests gradually escalate……

– Public Bath
Leticia has got to take baths with men because there is no women’s section available.
Although she first hides her body using towels and swimwear, eventually……

– Inn
The inn owner overcharges Leticia. He says he will give her shelter
upon working in the bar so she hesitantly says yes. Then he gives her a costume……

– Casino
Leticia loses in gambles and gets a debt. To work in the casino is one way to repay……

– Magic Shop
Taken control of bodily movement by a spell……

– With more and more scenes, H scenes in this game count over 100.

* Game System ****
– Explore the dungeon with your own style. Be creative to make unique
combinations of equipment, elements and classes.

– Difficulty Levels
Three difficulty level options selectable.
Not that interested in RPG? Choose “Namekuji (Slug)” to clear this game without frustration!

– Randomly Generated Map
Dungeon map, drop items and level are randomly generated.

– Equipment
There are over 200 kinds of equipment in the Sea God’s Shrine.
Different equipment possesses different special abilities.

– Element
Charge her equipment with “elements” you got in the Sea God’s Shrine
to add more abilities. Over 100 kinds of elements allow you to make your original equipment.
For example:
Element of Fire [12%]:
Deals extra 12% fire elemental damage (when set to weapons)
Reduces fire elemental damage by 12% (when set to armors)

– Class Change System
You can choose the heroine’s combat style from eight (at most) classes
such as swordwoman, sorceress, priestess and so on.
Each class has its own skill tree. Get abilities and skills wisely.