Game Informations

The protagonist is the hero’s wife. However, after spending many peaceful years, her skills as an adventurer are not as good as they used to be. The dark guild takes advantage of her kindness! During the day she is forced to help with adventures, and at night she must serve the guild members sexually!
Only one path of salvation is available for Selena. She must venture to the depths of the dungeons with others who face the same fate! The power Selena grows from doing naughty things and this increases her strength in battle! But the men of the guild are ruthless and will show her no mercy. If Selena has sex too much, she might be corrupted…?

There is no time limit to this game! However, as the days pass, the heroines will get defiled by the men.
The fate of the heroines lies in your hands. All heroines who are not active at night will be raped by the guild members. Will you complete your quest as fast as you can, or will you enjoy seeing the women get corrupted…?