Game Informations

The Forbidden Peach VR is a virtual reality experience for virtual reality porn lovers.
The experience is in first-person.
The VR experience provides the player with the ability to have sex with different characters in different environments.
The women in the experience are from age 20 to about 40, and they are classified according to different regions (for the current version).
In this project we make great efforts to provide you with the latest technologies in the field, such as UE5 and MetaHuman to create highly realistic environments and characters.
The Forbidden Peach VR LAB is an expansion to the game series The Forbidden Peach VR, where the player can examine all the innovative capabilities that we incorporate in our series. Special features: Spectator camera, new characters, advanced physics, and more.
The Forbidden Peach VR LAB is available only in VR.