Game Informations

The game appears to be returning to ONEONE1’s traditional single protagonist format, though there are likely to be other characters you’ll get to control for short periods of time like in their last couple of games, not unlike Annette from Ideology In Friction as an example

It is said that the game will have a bigger focus on erotic traps found across the dungeons, like the fake chests seen across many of ONEONE1’s previoud games, alongside this there are also many “unhelpful elements” planned, likely to add to the difficulty of the game, and for the first time, the game will also possess bad endings, much like the ones found in games like the Taimanin franchise, where the main character can be killed, a first for ONEONE1.

The game will be divided into five chapters, the first act being an introduction the world, its characters, and etc

The second act kicks as the king of the nation the game is set in mysteriously dies and a new king takes the throne, this new king commences a witch hunt across the nation in order to capture the witches and put them on trial, this will be the divergence point for alternate routes where the main character becomes a fugitive and must either stay hidden or be captured by the kingdom

The third act will be where the games two routes will merge at the end, as the final boss of the game is awakened and the world is thrown into chaos, and it’s up to the main character to stop them

Finally, this game will be the first ONEONE1 Game to have a post-game after the main story has been completed instead of everything fading to black once the credits roll, there is likely to be some post game content as a result​