Game Informations

Chant of the Dead and Chant of the Dead Cul-de-Sac are two different games from the same Dev
(parallel stories in the same era/enviroment)

3 People 2 girls and a boy trapped in a house during a zombie holocaust, must find a way to survive and if they can, to escape.
A game in which you can choose between 3 characters to play, each with a different story and different choices to make. If you are the boy you can choose between completing the main story or falling in love with one or both of the girls, if you play with one of the girls choose between completing the story seduce your partner, or something else.
Multiple choices where you must decide to keep your character intact or let him corrupt and give in to pleasure and desire. Mind control, character transformation, fetishism, degradation, and much more depending on the choices you make.
An RPG game with multiple endings and choices to make, that will take you to different endings.​