Game Informations

It’s spy vs muscle tomboy girl in this femdom-centric eroge!

Play as Agent 7, an expert operative specialized in espionage and infiltration. Your mission : slip inside tech billionaire Michael Bronson’s lavish mansion during a party event, in order to gather evidence of a dastardly arms deal with a foreign force.

However, it might be mission : impossible when you consider who stands in your way : Bronson’s statuesque, buff and deadly bodyguard, Vivian Tong!

Vivian is a cruel and cold-hearted Amazonian woman, standing tall over every other obstacle you’ll meet during your secret operation. A physically and psychologically imposing force of nature, she will spell the end of your career if you are not careful!

Will you find the secret documents, or will you end up helpless with Vivian’s muscular thighs wrapped around your head?