Game Informations

Some time ago, deep in a forest, there was a village in which skilled sorcerers and enchantresses live quietly. They were absorbed in researches on the magic doing no harm to humans. Falcia was one of the young enchantresses in the village.
One day, the king of the humans’ empire commands his army saying: “Destroy all magicians that disturb people with evil spells”. The imperial army starts invading the village with such an unreasonable pretext.
The army’s overwhelming force is quickly destroying the village. As its evil hands reach Falcia, she is defiled by the army’s monster. It is at this moment that her magic and the monster’s sperm become harmonious and the monster’s lifeforce settles in her body to make a new monster come to life. By coincidence, her magic succeeds to invent the art of summoning life.
The survivors find her art of summoning hopeful and entrust her with taking vengeance on the corrupt king for the devastated village…
However, summoning a monster requires her to accept a monster’s seedand use herself as its seedbed. She is now destined witha mission to fight by receiving what she dislike to.