Game Informations

Sukiko is the new girl at the office and has been there for about 4 weeks. She hasn’t really made close friends with anyone there, including you, and doesn’t seem to have many friends away from work either since she hasn’t been in the country that long.
You’ve tried starting a rapport with her, and you’re probably more friendly with her than anyone else in the office, but still not exactly close.
But all that is about to change…
If there’s one thing you know Sukiko loves, it’s the V-Girl podcast! The 27th most popular podcast in the world!
Sukiko enters a competition to party with the V-Girl herself at an exclusive party on a Caribbean island.
When her phones rings, she answers with the winning phrase and wins her dream of meeting and partying with Violet!
Only one problem – the prize is a free trip to the Caribbean…for two. So, who will she take? Why, her ‘best friend’, you, of course.
What follows is a luxury trip to paradise, while Sukiko and yourself finally get to know each other properly.
Play it correctly, you will even get more that just friendship.​