Game Informations

In “Succubus Contract,” you are a young man who just recently turned 18. One perfectly ordinary day, he and his best friend, Tom, head to a club where they intend to relax, unwind and meet girls. At the club, MC meets a seemingly inconspicuous girl. They have a drink and have a nice chat, after which their conversation develops into something more. Our hero has no idea that this girl is actually a succubus. He hopes he will have a hot night with this beauty, so he is willing to do anything to get her into bed. The succubus was counting on that. Looking the hero in the eye, she offered her terms, to which the MC immediately agreed, as he didn’t think there could be any hidden meaning in her words. After sealing the contract with a passionate kiss, they walked out of the nightclub into the night. That ordinary day becomes the most magical night of our hero’s life. The next morning, he realizes he is no longer a male but a female. From that moment on, his adventure begins, full of new experiences.​