Game Informations

The game is set in a time where space travel is the norm and humans have expanded their horizon to new galaxies. In their exploration, they have found many alien species.
Explore new planets in search of your old crew as you get thrown from spaceship to spaceship more times than you can count.After being separated from your crew by an explosion that decimated your ship, you must take it to yourself to get the boys back together.
“How” you may ask? By navigating to the biggest jewel of the galaxy, the Station Eternal. A long lost station made of literal gold! Loot as far as the eye can see! Rubber duckies the size of skyscrapers! Or at least that’s what the legends say.

Take your time to complete all the side content and experience a deep and rich open world (or space) filled with adventures.

A text-based game filled with all the good things, where your deepest, darkest desires can come true.​