Game Informations

Soft Buns is a physics simulation toy made to satisfy that urge to just press and pull soft spheres around. These spheres squash, stretch, and bounce in a pretty realistic way to how you might expect. Not only that but I went ahead and built and reshaped the spheres to look like some kind of weirdo bunny doll thing who reacts to your interactions… It’s not something we should dwell on. Just enjoy it for what it is and maybe don’t go telling your friends and family what you’ve been up to.

The game also features fully customizable materials so you can choose the colors you want your spheres to be as well as the glossiness and other interesting qualities. On top of that, you can even switch out body parts to give the character a few different looks depending on your taste and how your happen to be feeling at the moment. And don’t worry, all of your tweaks to the character will automatically save so you will be greeted by the same character you left off with next time you open the game!