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Grad students Jessie and Leah are best friends out on a camping trip in the woods at Leah’s metamour’s cabin. Between them are secrets, including one Jessie struggles to contain: she’s fallen for her best friend and wants to use their vacation as an opportunity to confess. But when Leah abruptly heads out to the woods and leaves Jessie alone with a mysterious bookshelf, the young, shy college girl unwittingly discovers more about her desires than she ever planned to know.
Part queer horror erotica, part lesbian giantess story, She Hungered is the latest kinetic interactive fiction game from Blood Pact writer Ana Valens. Read through an original 5,600 word story about repressed kinks, mind possession, giantess spirits, forced monster girl transformation, lesbian vore, and cis/trans sapphic desire. Featuring five new illustrations by artist Ame H, She Hungered is a love letter to lesbian horror and the queer size creators that made a space to call it their own.