Game Informations

Most of the human world fell into the hands of demons when they began to appear.
But there was still a country that continued to resist against the invasions.
The kingdom of steel [Milesfelm]

This country is along a rugged mountain in the north-south east. The west side is facing the ocean so it makes this place a natural fortress.
They didn’t know much about magic but instead they did have a high level of steelmaking technology.
Because this place was surrounded with three sides of steep cliffs, it was hard for demons to get through. They were stopping demons from coming in by using weapons made by high level technology with high performance.

Charlotte is a female knight who was placed to guard the royal castle.
The knight just had this name as a position and she was bored doing her duties everyday.

One day a soldier from the border guard ran to the royal capital.
According to his story , soldiers were attacked by low class demons and they were somehow overrun.

In later discussions, they figured out that the time stop demons are beginning to enter the kingdom
At the same time scientists said that when the time stop demons increase their numbers the ability of time stop will propagate.

The 100th monkey phenomenon.
Was predicted.
If all of the demons targeting the kingdom gets an ability to stop time, there will be no way to resist.
Charlotte decides to go on a journey to defeat the demons with this ability to stop time.