Game Informations

A cuckold hell from which there is no escape opens ──────

A story with a girl he met in a dream and fell in love with at first sight breaks a man’s heart. ……

The stage is set on the island of “Shojojima” where women are forced to fuck each other in order to fulfill their wishes.
It is the end of the world where women with strong wishes are gathered together.
In an abandoned cave, a man is reunited with a girl he saw in a dream, Pius, but she has been raped by a stranger.

The player’s fate is determined by his actions!
Will you be able to save Pius whom you love?
Pius will take you out to do many naughty things in order to train your inexperienced main character!

The game branches off into various endings depending on the actions taken by the player.
Let’s see the ending that awaits you!