Game Informations

Please note this is just a demo consisting of the prologue and a few scenes after it. Not all gilrs in the screenshots are currently in game but will give you an idea of Li’s that will be joining eventually. Yes I also know there seems to be a two renders missing and will be fixed I am looking for feedback and would appreciate your thoughts so far.
Thanks SeveredRealms
The story is about Jim (first and last name changeable) who lost everything in the past. So he decided to buckle down and make something of himself. After going back to school he starts to make something of himself. His secretary/friend Jennifer after working him with for years realizes that work was all he had. So she decided to help push him towards getting a personal life again. Due to her pushing he realizes that he has put way to much time into his work while having an almost nonexistent personal life. She comes up with an idea for him to get back out there again and implements it.