Game Informations

The goal here is to bring some original characters together in one lewd game for fun.

+Rpg and hentai features +

*This will be an Rpg with a leveling system mix with hentai as well
*Learn new Jutsu by leveling up
*Each character will have his/her own storyline and set of missions to complete
*Each enemy will have his/her own sex scene
*You’ll be able to collect pictures to add to your gallery
*Soundtrack will be from random naruto games. ex: Naruto storm
*A huge world, Multiple maps and an overworld
*There will be 20+ missions
*Timed attacks during battles
*Timed defense during battles
*Sex scenes will have 3 loops and a cumshot/creampie scene
*Boss battles will have longer sex scenes
*Multiple Episodes within the game