Game Informations

After your pitiful demise, you have been given a second chance to live again by a goofball called Misty.
But there’s a catch! You can’t live in the world where you’ve already died!
So you have to start fresh again in another world and obviously in another town!

Welcome to the town of Mystic Ville!
Meet strange new people and get to know them, maybe they’re keeping some secrets that you might wanna find out!
Who knows? Maybe a vampire is in town? Wait a minute… how come you have Misty’s magical power now?
She’s not going to take this lightly… you know? With her power, your life now has never been easier than before.

NOTICE! – 30th August 2022
Hey Everyone! Chapter 2 is here! Just a heads up, from now on, chapters will be shorter
but the story will progress in a faster pace. (We’re listening to you.)
You don’t have to restart if you’re coming from Chapter 1!

Also, we’re hosting a special promotion on our Patreon page!
You can get a limited Velvet tier with doubled benefits for half the price!
(Current patrons are automatically upgraded to the Velvet tier.)