Game Informations

Relationships can be complex. So why bother? Especially when you find the lost phone of a traveling Panty Wizard. As the young protagonist of “Cum Town,” you must decide how and when to use this magic phone. Alter the lives of your family and friends to work through your carnal desires.

The price of making someone go mad with desire is unknown, as are the limits of the Magic Phone. How close to the edge of madness will you send your friends and family to slake your dark thirsts?

My game demo features five partially voiced characters for you to care for or corrupt. Ranging from your kind Stepmother and bratty step-sister to the exhibitionist girl at the coffee shop in town. Once you have their mobile number, you hold their fate in the palm of your hands.

Each resident has hundreds of unique images and a dozen video scenes. Fully animated and uncensored erotic moments. In a sandbox world where you control the pace of the adventure, explore the inner city of “Cum Town” and its outer reaches.

You will meet new people to corrupt and control at school, on the streets, or at home. But the Magic Phone is dangerous… Well, people are complicated, particularly when they get a little obsessed.

Will you build relationships with kindness and hard work?
Or will you corrupt each resident’s wants and desires with just one call? As it’s said, With great power comes great responsibility

You must learn to temper your use of the Magic Phone’s power as you take control of “Cum Town” and its inhabitants. Or face darker outcomes as your family and friends spiral into unbidden and chaotic lust.