Game Informations

Kingsguard begins on the continent of Torvair, a large island divided by three nations. In the bustling city of Havena, a young prince trapped in his own castle by his distant father soon learns that his sheltered and peaceful life is not long to last. With the assistance of those known as Kingsguard, selected individuals to serve as the bodyguards of the royal family, he flees his home to escape those who would wish to end his life and is forced to travel this unknown world that he has only ever read about in books. His journey will be dark, grim, and full of despair, not at all like the fanciful heroes in shining armor roaming the land atop a gallant steed to rescue damsels from the terrors of the night. No that is best left for tall tales and bedtime stories to ease children to sleep. This is no dream come true nor an adventure anyone would wish for. But it is one that he has no choice but to see it through to the end.​