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The envy
Dreaming of having the same things as another person, not only physically, but emotionally.

No one is born choosing their life, some are lucky and live full of wealth, health, love… family.
We all have someone special in our lives.
A person who stands out from the rest, our favorite.
Life is not far behind, life also has its favorites,
people who do not enter the list of life’s favorites only have two options, die or survive.
In a town far from society, lives a very peculiar family.
Who would have imagined that if there is something after death?
Well, this family was in charge of discovering what awaits us on the other side.
Accompany the Mictlan family in a town full of harmony and peace,
guide Zunory on the right path and enjoy a youthful life full of sex and love… or not.

Not everything is rosy, friend.