Game Informations

Sayoko Amafune and Aritomo have started living together in preparation for marriage.
Then, Sayoko’s parents decided to renovate their home, and her parents moved to a rented house near their place of work.
However, Sayoko’s younger sister Emiru has to live with Aritomo for a limited time at Aritomo’s house near her school because her school is far away.

Emiru is not good at socializing and is a little off.
At first, she doesn’t greet Aritomo and doesn’t even speak to her.
Over time, they became more open and less grumpy.

Then one day.
One day, while working side by side with Emiru, Emiru accidentally started to cling to Aritomo and entwine their legs together.
She stares at Aritomo awkwardly but seductively.