Game Informations

Proof of concept, showcase

Your character wakes up with no memory in an abandoned rural town.
The city has several areas surrounding it: an industrial area to the south,
a deep untamed forest to the north, and the wide open countryside to the west.

We hope to give each area of the map a strangely familiar and nostalgic atmosphere.
Just remember, not everything is what it seems in this little town.
There are many secrets just waiting to be uncovered.
We can’t wait to see what sort of theories you all come up with as development continues.
What sort of secrets could be lying just underneath the surface of this abandoned ghost-town?

As you explore you will discover the town may not be as uninhabited as you had originally thought.
After a while you will begin to amass a ragtag cast of weirdo companions including a petite succubus egirl,
a horrifying genetic abomination posing as a shapeshifting milf,
an oblivious she-android, and a smug tomboy with an imposing metallic grin.​