Game Informations

Your massive dick attracts the attention of a remote island god of fertility,
and it whisks you off to the island for some important business;
a rare festival of mass-impregnation!

Yes, this is an RPG where you get to knock up 17 lovely ladies!
Have sex at your leisure with whoever tickles your fancy. A tourist? Maybe a teacher? Or perhaps that hot police woman?
Oh, that girl has a husband already? It doesn’t matter, you can impregnate her too!
You’re carrying out the divine will of a deity here!

Q: Is there cuckoldry in this game?
A: There is…not (at least when it comes to anyone possibly taking something from you).
Again, it’s you with the ultimate power here, so it’s only you who gets to steal wives and girlfriends!

Become a saviour, and bring forth an end to a tragic lack of birthing!​