Game Informations

This is a story about ordinary life. About the lives of two people. About the life of a brother and sister.
The main character (you) lives all his life only for the sake of his sister, Melania.
They are ordinary people. But their fate is a little different from everyday life. Melania and the main character (you) grew up in an orphanage.
They are used to always rely only on themselves and take care of each other. This situation made them special people. They are strong and confident in each other.
But their souls are like a caged animal. Real life seems difficult and emotionally difficult for them.
The moment came when they grew up. The orphanage provided them with money for three months. Now, the main character (you) and Melania live only counting on each other.
The story begins. The story is about two people who begin to learn all the charms and complexities of the real world. A world where everything is not so simple. A world where your hopes depend only on you.
* * * * *
In this game, the main focus is on the plot and characters. A story about love, drugs, the consequences of thoughts and choices. Remember, this story is not about something easy and happy. The plot of the game will tell you the lives of people. And not the fact that it will be a life filled with light, laughter and smiles.
I want to show and tell all the complexities and dark sides of our existence.