Game Informations

Upon getting summoned to a fantasy world, you quickly come to realize you weren’t summoned to become a great hero,
instead you are a sacrifice to seal away the Demon Queen!
The ever-benevolent Queen Alicia decides to personally grant you one request before you are sacrificed,
and obviously your first priority is to not die a virgin!
After experiencing your incredible cock for herself she crowns you as the new king and give you complete control over,
the castle so that all her previous subjects can have a taste of your marvelous meat!

Your reign isn’t limited to just that castle! Fertilize all the fantasy babes you can find: a forest full of fuckable elves,
bodacious and buff beast girls, exotic, and erotic monster girls,
even that mysterious demon queen that was once a threat to the kingdom,
all of them and more are destined to become your sex toys!​