Game Informations

If you thought the school system has reached its lowest levels…Think again!
Wailliams College is your typical University, except for the fact that most of the student body and faculty,
have decided eating brains is more important than getting good grades.
English teacher Melody Farrington is the name of your main character.
Until recently her favorite word in the English dictionary used to be “Chatoyant,” but it has suddenly changed to the old,
plain and simple “survival.” Being the type of educator that encourages her students to their limits,
it only comes natural to say that if they’re planning to push their way out, they’ll do it with style.
Using only regular school supplies and their own wits,
they will stand against a horde of zombies whose lunch menu just happen to include your name.
Get ready folks, for education has made an ugly turn and it has death written all over it.​