Game Informations

Mxyztplk is a serious threat to the Spankingverse, and Superspanker is the only hero who can stop him.
To make Mxyztplk say his name backwards, Superspanker must give him the OTK-spanking of his life.
Unfortunately, Mxyztplk’s evil magic made Superspanker lost most of her skills.
No more super-view, super-ear, super-speed. She has turned into a dumb, slow-reaction superheroine.
And to make things worse, she forgot how properly smack a naughty bum.
The only way to recover her spankskills is with practice with a real naughty boy.

To play with her, Mxyztplk shapeshifted into our well known Melvin (MC of Quest for Spankytown and Spankytown College),
and created “clones” of some other versions of Melvins in the Spankingverse.
One Melvin is Mxyztplk, another is a kryptonite bomb, the other a magical illusion, and the last one, the original Melvin.​