Game Informations

Devil’s Gambit follows Hector, a badger healer returning to the little town of Rannai, the birthplace of his fondest memories. He holds dearly his time with the mischievous yet friendly wolves, the stories they told, the fertile forest east of town, and the mist that heralded every sunrise. Most of all, he remembers Cadgan: a wolf a bit younger and smaller than himself — an unrepentant troublemaker who left in him a bundle of emotions.

But that was nine years ago, when he was just a teenager. Upon his return, Hector finds the town transformed by the new duke’s reign, and a Cadgan that has grown into a cold, distant mountain of a man. As he works as a healer and reignites a long-forgotten passion, Hector notices something other than love in the air.

The trees’ roots stir with his every step.​