Game Informations

In the year 2147 the supernatural, divine or diabolical no longer has a place for the human mind,
you no longer hear stories of possible goblins in the woods or videos of supposed sightings of ghosts or witches at night,
but the mind is blind, the deaf ears and history will always cover more than what could be desired,
because they are still there, in the dark, in their most hidden corners,
observed as part of their society and still lurking in their alleys … at last and after all, no breed can exist without its natural predators.This is where our story begins, in the shadows of a cloudy night,
where an ancient hunter lives on an empty and unjust road, a hunter humiliated by the ages,
forgotten by time, serving those he despises and giving an order he does not want.
It is there where a curious and strange hunt begins and it will be responsible for meeting strange and chaotic characters,
with whom they will change the future of this cruel and dark world, forever …​