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If you’re in danger, just run away… the girl thought.

“I can get paid just for showing my underwear… why don’t you try it?”
Suddenly hearing such an invitation, Karen stopped and looked at the man with a disbelieving gaze,
She turned her disbelieving gaze mercilessly on the man.
Even without hearing his reply, her piercing gaze was doing her utmost to reject the man.
However, seeing such a natural reaction, the man should not have been moved,
In fact, he even sensed the potential in the songstress who stopped in her tracks.

The man’s goal was to film.
He wants to capture the girl’s sexuality on video and sell it to an unspecified number of people.
On this particular day, he lured the girl to an unpopular back alley,
The man’s goal was to film the girl in an unpopular alleyway until the end.
Of course, this was more than just filming her underwear.

Then,” he said, “just stay with me a little longer. We can talk about whether or not to do it afterwards, okay?
I think it’s useless…”
The man was suspicious, but listened attentively.
The man felt her openness there and chuckled inwardly.​