Game Informations

Step into a dark fantasy world inspired by the early Renaissance with Claire’s Quest, a highly-interactive and non-linear adult RPG created using RPGMaker MV. This unique game sets itself apart from others in the genre by completely removing combat and grinding from the gameplay.

As you progress through the story of Claire’s Quest, you’ll encounter a wide variety of characters and undertake numerous quests, each with its own unique set of choices and consequences. What makes an adult game truly engaging is the player’s input, but often in these types of games, it can feel like your choices don’t really matter. Claire’s Quest changes that by giving you the power to shape the course of the story and tailor your experience to your liking.

With its immersive world-building and captivating storyline, Claire’s Quest is the ultimate adult RPG for those looking for a truly engaging and interactive experience. Explore the dark corners of this fantasy world, where every decision you make matters and influences your adventure.