RGSS202E.dll Missing/Can not find RPG VX RTP – How to Fix

This is a problem you may face while trying to run a game that is made on RPG Maker engine, shortly known as RPGM. You can easily fix this problem by downloading the RPG Maker runtime.

Why does it happen?

Developers of RPG Maker games often cut out some files to save space of ther ever updating games, helps decreasing the file size of games. those files are common files included in runtime. Similar to visual C++ runtime. However sometime the developers forget to instruct.

How to fix RPG VX RTP Error?

This is the first thing you must do if you play RPG Maker games often. Download and install RPG VX runtime package from below official source.

RPGM VX Runtime Package

This should fix the problem.

My problem is still not fixed. What to do?

Ok, if the “RGSS202E.dll Missing” problem still exists after installing the Runtime Package, then you can download the dll file from here.

RGSS202E.dll File Download

You have to put this file in System folder that is located within your game.

Hope this will fix your problem. Be

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