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Above the Clouds

You live with an eccentric but loving family. One day, your father out of nowhere declares he’s bringing you all back to Pitsville, his hometown!
Uncover the town’s secrets, interact with some bizarre characters, learn the truth about the sudden relocation, and challenge fate itself!

Above The Clouds is a humorous, quirky, and light-hearted VN with a unique storytelling style, presentation, and over 130 sound effects in 0.2.


You play as Ciri, who has found out that people are disappearing in the village of Riverwood, and you need to find out what is happening there and deal with the monster. At the beginning of the game, Ciri is not interested in sex, and only you decide whether she will become a whore in a brothel or will kill werewolves and ghouls and earn a living from this.​

Wife in the Building!

A couple moves into a new apartment building for inconvenient reasons. With their savings depleted, they embark on an adventure with the characters around them so that one day they can realize their dream. Swinging/sharing/netorase will be the main focus of the game. There will be no cheating and humiliation.

Angel: Coward’s Paradise

During the last semester of his senior year, the protagonist receives an email chastising him for his poor attendance.
In order to rectify this he has to participate in an after school event called the “Coward’s Committee”.
On arriving he found it dead.
No one else bothered to show up.
Regardless, this surprise burden forces him to split his free time between his cute girlfriend Margo and Mr. Vice,
the committee’s supervisor.
With this man’s arrival comes the recovery of something that was better left buried,
as old and new faces alike make themselves known in a world that can’t compete with them.​

Evergreen Valley

Evergreen Valley
is a game following the life of Cole as he goes about the last year of high school and the decisions he has now to make.
Whether or not to go to college, and who to keep in his life as the adventure unveils.
Tough decisions are ready to be made by you with no grindy mechanics or maps.​


In the game we play as a young warrior adventurer named Leonid.
The action takes place in the magic-filled ancient Greece on the island of Crete.
Leonid arrives on the island in order to solve the mystery of the missing villagers,
in order to do this he goes through the depths of the maze.​

Shino’s SP BoardGame

Rinne Shinonome seems to have said that she will punish her younger sister Saki with Sugoroku Board Game…
This is a Sugoroku Board game that you roll the dice and execute the punishments and other actions
(3D animation with sound) of the cells you are in.


Welcome to Illayla; one thousand years after the collapse of contemporary society! What happened? No one knows.
The human race? Gone.
Centuries later, the last surviving human is found with no memory,
no past and a sprightly AI in his head that doesn’t know the difference between humans and computers.This post-apocalyptic future consist of sparse, primitive tribes that cling to scavenged remnants of revered technology.
Their lives are made
hazardous by the lethal Blackzones; swathes of abandoned,
bountiful lands that are infested with ominous machine-creatures called ‘Demons’.
Only the illusive Blackrunners, a sect of deft survivalists,
know how to navigate the Blackzones and plunder them for precious Salvage in the name of their clan’s prosperity.

Together with the temperamental husky Loken, the last human must train to become the newest
Blackrunner and discover the mysteries of the Blackzones,
the incomprehensible creatures stalking them and the contentious question of his own origin.​

School Tales

School Tales is about a teacher who just graduated from school and started teaching,
your mission is to help them grow up to understand themselves better,
sometimes you have to become a teacher, brother or someone you help. more mature and developed.​


Psychopath is a game meant to be capable of bringing out a lot of emotions on you; adventure, action, drama, etc.

A no one end up in the mafia and now he have to deal with everything linked to it, the drugs, sex, money, guns… but it’s not just the good part that comes with it…
You will face a lot of challenges and rewards as the story unfolds and you’re presented to all kinds of characters, thrilling stories and scenes.


Dream Hotel

A weird videogame sold to you by a shady vendor is able to make all your fantasies become reality.
Of course you’d choose an harem life with your favourite waifus…
What kind of clothes should they wear? Which one will you call “sweetie”?
Would you like to share them or keep them to yourself? Well, this is your Dream Hotel, so… everything is up to you​

Isekai Brothel

We’re Not Just a Brothel, we use a technology of travel between universes!
With this technology you can teleport to the desired universe or you can teleport our girls to your universe.
Here you can satisfy your fantasies with girls from other universes, from Dating, Quick Sex, Fetishes, Etc…


Welcome to SIMLIFE, a story-driven life simulator with multiple paths and alternative finals. You will live the entire life of the main character, from his birth until the last instant of his life. You have to guide him through the way that you think is the more suitable for the main character and for your playstyle.
Every choice matters and the things that are lost, maybe are lost forever, so think carefully at every possible branch that you will stand.​

NTR Bunnies RPG

NTR game about the male character, who has a cuckold fantasy, getting transported into an isekai world as a pink-haired bunny boy. The goal of the game is to return home with the player’s girlfriend.​

Lilith Rising

Lilith Rising is a fantasy adult Visual Novel (VN)
where you play a prince that has his life turned upside down
when he becomes a pawn in the plans of gods and demons, forcing him to a life of exile.
On your adventures, you will meet the most intriguing companions and learn what it means to be a leader,
in order to save your kingdom; and if you play your cards right maybe even find some romance.
A fun fantasy adventure, filled with humor, drama, epic battles, mystery and lots of sex!
Formerly known as Tainted.

Babe Quest

Imagine waking up to discover that your entire world is an illusion, a simulation run by computers that keep your mind at bay while your body is used for untold horrors! Now imagine something even more horrifying, imagine that that simulated world isn’t like our world at all. It’s composed of low res animated GIF’s and bad writing. Oh no, it can’t be! This isn’t a simulation-This is an HTML porn game!


Underneath the Labyrinth

A veteran knight searching for his battle brothers found himself in a small remote mining town with a strange phenomenon. A calling that prying on his desire, Sense of duty, Take advantage in a moment of weakness. Would he succeed in his quest? Or found himself tranform and fell to the alluring corruption?​