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The Family Sin

You assume the role of a teenager who starts a new life in one of the oldest and most remote cities. You begin a fairly normal life, with a new school year and a new job to help your family
Now, you must uncover the secrets of this new city and deepen your family relationships.
This is an interactive visual novel with multiple endings, depending on the decisions you make in the game.

Kings and Pawns

The story follows a young man who has gone through a series of difficult experiences that have changed his life in an unpleasant way. He has survived the loss of his parents and the alienation of loved ones, as well as drug addiction. The MC struggles to deal with the mistakes of his past and wants to lead an ordinary, boring adult life. But fate has other plans. His past will not let him go so easily.​

Onee Shota Infection!

As the virus grows, the women around it become horny and attack Shota (the main character), who is the only male on the spaceship.
The virus will grow if the penis reacts to even the slightest erotica.
A demonic virus that grows by wandering through the rooms of female sailors, searching for underwear and discovering secrets.
Will the main character be able to protect his chastity?

This is a game where you run away from the female sailors affected by the virus.
When caught, you are reverse raped and thoroughly violated.​

Dead Passion

Embark on a heart-pounding journey through the ravaged streets of a zombie-infested world in ‘Dead Passion’, where survival instincts collide with raw desire. This 3D shooter plunges you into the chaos of a post-apocalyptic landscape, where every decision can mean life or death. But amidst the chaos, find solace and connection in intimate encounters that ignite the flames of passion against the backdrop of destruction. Support us on Patreon to help bring this adrenaline-fueled, emotionally charged gaming experience to life.​

Tentacle Dungeon

Real-time 3D film in which a female adventurer is captured by a swarm of tentacles.
The adventurer reacts to the invasion of the tentacles.
Increase the stimulation until climax is reached!
Control the animation with mouse movements.
Mouse movements can be recorded and played back!
Choose from four poses and use the mouse to further adjust legs, arms and body.

Dimension AIrise

“Dimension AIrise : Sea Resort” is the first game in a series based on dimensional travel. In this opus, you play the role of a dimensional traveler who finds himself in a new dimension with only vague memories of his life and a broken dimensional travel device. Your goal? Repair your device, recover your memory, all while enjoying local delicacies.​


When Kushina’s new career as a news reporter is at stake, what lengths would she be willing to go through to salvage it? As it turns out, a lot!
Based on my fanfic Primetime reloaded, you can read it on my ao3.​

Changr: A Social Revolution

“Become the leader of a social revolution”
You have been tasked with leading the testing of a new app called Changr. At first glance, this software aims to enhance workplace social dynamics, but beneath the surface, it hides dangerous features that will change your world for the better.
Test the app as you meet and transform beautiful girls, engage in intense romances, and fulfill your wildest fantasies thanks to Changr. However, don’t forget to remain vigilant against those who have other plans for Changr’s powers.​

The Veil Chronicles: Nix University

Once, the Veil had captured a significant part of the world, devouring entire cities and countries.
From that time, a massive snow-white dome of the Veil rises like a gigantic, unnaturally even mountain, visible from nearly every corner of the continent.
The Veil brought not only fear for the future and chaos but also the Veil Stones – a priceless source of magic and energy.

The Veil is a place where space is distorted. Because of this, an ordinary person cannot help but get lost inside. The Veil is like another world, into which you can step with just a single move. And it teems with monsters.
But there is the Order of Phantoms. Phantoms undergo a special ritual that bonds them with the Veil, allowing them to navigate within, sense monsters, and detect the Veil Stones.
Right on the border of the Veil lies Nix University – the center for training Phantoms. John Koety heads to the University to become a Phantom and unravel the mystery of his missing older brother who studed in Nix…​


As you take your final breath, the darkness descends upon you.
But just when you think it’s all over, a deity appears before you.
It’s none other than Aphrodite, offering you a chance to live again in a brand new world called Hybridia.
Who could resist such an alluring offer?


Feraline is an interactive NSFW furry game, with the focus character being a feral feline.
You can choose between male or female parts, and there are many small details to discover!​

Conquering Queens

Conquering Queens is a NSFW Sandbox visual novel
It tells the story of a young farmer who decides to enter the fantasy world in which he lives, only to be deceived and end up with the weight of ruling a kingdom in decline destined to perish. The only hope is to marry not one or two but several rulers to form a powerful alliance through the Harem.

Will you be able to court and marry several of the most admired, loved and feared leaders in the world?​

The One

Every hundreds of years or more, a male will be born, rKnight
some say he will be a god amongst men who will save them as he will give them gifts that will make them
Stronger, faster, better…..
Others say he will be a devil or demon amongst the men for when he appears he brings war….
He is called “The One” and while he himself has no superpowers it is when he shares his seed…
that those willing to receive it will gain super strength, speed, and possibly the ability to fly….
However others seek to use these powers for evil…..
It is written that there will be 4 men in the world chosen to master one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire…
These men are known as the “Dawn Knights” and they are chosen to protect “The One” and the world itself from certain Doom…
…It has been over 300 years… and the time has come for “The One” to come/cum again…​

Fate/Grand Steal

Follow the adventures of MC(You choose the name) as he goes from a Janitor to a Master at Chaldea after making a pact with a devil. Where in exchange of power and his life, he needs to give her Lust Energy, and I suppose you can guess where I’m going with this…

Rise Of Faith

After a car accident, you wake up in the body of an ancient God whose Faith has been destroyed by his enemies.
The residents of that world have forgotten about you, except a few, whose faith is barely enough to keep your soul from returning to the Void.​

My Sisters and Me

A lot has changed since you last saw your Sisters. Fate saw you separated, only to be thrust back together due to a twisted set of circumstances. But the current living arrangements present new challenges for all of you. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…​

New Tail

Here’s the plan. I forged the documents and prepared the equipment.
I’m gonna get you out of this lab. What could possibly go wrong?​


Gardener is a game about exploring and adventures of young guy. There are two main characters with highly interactive sex scenes: Mercedes Carrera and Abella Danger. There are two paths: Evil and Kind. You may rape or seduce: it’s up to you.

New Life as a Lion

Yoshio is an otaku boy who was transported to a fantasy world after being run over in his world, and upon arriving in this new world, he discovers that he is no longer human, now he is a… Lion Man?!

Fortunately for Yoshio, in this world he can strengthen himself and become a very strong beast warrior, and perhaps, he can be the Lion boss, and with this position have his own harem of lion girls in heat.

But not everything is good in this new world, Yoshio will have to solve several problems such as the scarcity of food, the hostility of humans, and the abundance of aggressive monsters that will try to kill you if you give them the chance.​