Game Informations

In a kingdom, there is a witch who lives off the beaten track.
She is busy with alchemy, potion-making, fortune-telling ,frightening people and other magic..
They say she has already lived for a few centuries here.
The local lord is fed up with such neighbourhood.
The kingdom earned notoriety, the common people are terrified,his power is weakening.
They can`t send the army to the witch, as they are not sure if the army will succeed…
And what a lord is frightened enough to raise an army against a woman?
They decided to settle things quietly ,so a Hero was sent to beat her!
Then another one… And then two more… Finally the Lord sends a new hero,
who has to read all accusations to the witch and take her to prison!
In the game, your goal is to collect the puzzle in order to restore the pictures.​